Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Goodbye, Precious Phoenix

The last time I got to see Phoenix was at Jess & Jon's wedding. He and his Mom Linda were out on the dance floor, but people kept cutting in and stealing Phoenix away. I, of course, was one of them. He went - always - smilingly and joyfully to the next woman who held out her arms.

I got a couple of songs' worth of cuddling on the dance floor, and at one point his Mom leaned over and shouted in my ear (the music was cranked, and the dance floor was small), "I don't know what you're saying to him, Jeannie, but he sure seems to like it!"

Apparently he'd been beaming at everyone (and drooling) over my shoulder, and I confessed to his Mom that I wasn't so much whispering in his ear as I was smooching on his neck. She laughed and said that he seemed okay with that. I said, "Cool - I can be his first hickey!" We parted ways and I got a few more minutes on the dance floor with Phoenix, who - despite the noise and the crowd - dozed a bit in my arms.

I'm so very very grateful that I got that time with him.


Anonymous J.R. said...

Who is phinix and why does everybody like him? He seems totaly self-centerd to me. Though you are cool, as you say,of course.

7:36 PM, July 07, 2006  

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