Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Year in Review

A lot of "real bloggers" did some variety of the year in review - top five or ten favorite posts, Most Popular, Most Linked, Top News Stories, Best New Toys, 10 Most Disgusting Things Found In The Back Of My Fridge - you know how they are. Some smartass bloggers I know (too numerous to mention here) snidely asked me if I were planning on doing a "jeanniecool's top ten posts of 2004". Since I think both of my readers - along with the aforementioned smartass bloggers - are able to count, they will notice that there are, in fact, only 9 posts in 2004. Maybe this is the year I'll break into double digits! (But I'm not promising anything, so back off.)

All that said, I'm doin' me a review anyway. In no particular order, here it is:

Things That Made My Life Better in 2004
Friends (both IRL & virtual)
The people who fall into both of the above categories
The Best Dogs In The World (really covered by "Family", but deserving a special mention)
My new job
This picture
Creative geeky people with too much time on their hands
Yeah, I know I said chocolate twice. Consider this a third; 2004 wasn't easy.
A whole mess of authors

Things I Could Have Done Without
Cancer (not mine)
George W. Bush's "reelection"
Immature whiny-assed passive-aggressive bloggers
Seattle traffic
Tsunamis (no, I'm not the only one)

This list is (duh) by no means exhaustive, and I reserve the right to amend, append, remove, add, alter, destroy, or otherwise change any item contained therein. This list is not intended to represent your 2004, which may have been perfectly serene. If so, congratulations. If not, well...that's pretty much what life is, no?

I mean, there were a lot of things about 2004 that sucked. A lot. Still and all, it's kinda nice to realize that I ended the year with more things on the good list than on the bad. The repercussions of some items on the latter may be felt for years to come - and y'all know which ones I mean - so I'm hesitant to say 2004 was "good".

Regardless, I'm hoping that 2005 will round off the same way, with an overall rating of "Not Entirely Crappy". Sometimes that's all one can ask for.

May your 2005 leave you with a longer good list, too!    ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

BOOOOOOORING people don't get away with nothing. You get me dawg?

4:13 PM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got major skin tags brother!

4:15 PM, May 03, 2006  

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