Thursday, June 26, 2003

Twenty Questions

Another story from the mouth of a babe

My friends Aaron and Kristi were hanging out one night, with Kristi's 5-year-old daughter, Miranda. They were at Aaron's, teaching Miranda to play her first-ever game of Twenty Questions.

They'd actually given her a lot more than the usual number--I mean, c'mon, it was her first time, and she's five, fer crissakes!

They were on about question number fifty, and had narrowed the item down to the following characteristics: It was in Aaron's living room, and it was small, round, and flat. At this point, her only options are some form of media disc--a CD, DVD, perhaps a game.

Miranda got that look on her face of the light bulb coming on, and said, "I think I know what it is!!" Aaron & Kristi leaned in, each thinking their own version of "finally!" and asked her what she thought it was.

She guessed, to their amazement, "Is it a duck?"

It was, of course, not a duck, as Aaron had no domestic livestock in his home, much less any that is small, round, and flat.

However, I've been sharing this story with everyone I know, because it's just a classic representation of the "I'm sorry, I've clearly been paying no attention to what's going on around me and I don't understand what you're talking about" feeling we all experience once in a while, and it's slipped rather nicely into my lexicon, and that of friends as well.

Feel free to use it amongst yourselves!


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